Welcome to Aspen Grove Farm. We are a small farm with big dreams!

Nestled in the foothills of the Bitterroot mountains in Western Montana, our small farm is home to a whole passel of kids and pets. We are passionate about berries and all things fruit. As the owner, I have dreamed for many years of making my passion for growing things into a profitable business where I can share my love of the soil with people far and wide.

I grew up with a large family garden in front of our home in central Utah. My mom grew many beautiful vegetables and taught my siblings and I how to preserve the harvest so that we could enjoy our bounty all year long. I inherited a love of gardening and cooking from her.

I moved to Montana as an adult and busied myself with being a mom myself. I have followed in my mother’s footsteps and keep a large garden and orchard, but my desire to be able to share my green thumb and passion for the earth and her bounties has finally come full circle.

I love having the opportunity to reach out to you our customers and to share the sweetness of fresh fruits along with the scrumptious jams and syrups that I have so enjoyed creating.

Our jams and syrups are all prepared in small batches that preserves the freshness and homemade feel of our products. And every jar is filled with love. I hope when you open a jar it brings you back to your childhood and that feeling of home and belonging. And I hope when you taste it you will experience a touch of Montana in every bite.

All of us here at the farm love our beautiful Bitterroot Valley and the amazing people who live here. I hope you come and visit!

With Love,

Melissa A. Allred

– Owner/Aspen Grove Farm

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Find us at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market and taste them all!

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